Hey, welcome to Sanctuary!

We are the college and young adult ministry of Menlo Church; a community of 18-35 year olds who desire to seek God in a community of friends so that everyone in the bay area can flourish. Wherever you are in your faith journey,
You’re welcome here.

Latest Sermon

Going Without

We live in a world of comforts and distractions. If we are board, we can get lost on Facebook. If we’re hungry, we can buy a snack. If we’re tired, we grab a coffee. While all of these luxuries can be great gifts, they can also leave little space for God to meet us.

Upcoming Events

May 29, 20166:00 pm – 7:00 pmBefore Sanctuary Service

Memorial Day BBQ

Memorial Day Weekend BBQ. Show up at 6PM and enjoy some burgers and lawn games before the Sanctuary service at 7PM!

August 14, 20167:00 pm

Summer BBQ & Baptisms

The annual Sanctuary summer BBQ and Baptisms returns this August! We are stoked to gather as a community, celebrate baptisms, play in the pool, and eat a ton of good food! Stay tuned. More info to come.